Retail Energy Management

Managing energy consumption and compliance for Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and Green House Gasses is a key concern across the retail sector

  • Reducing energy costs and usage
  • Directly increase the bottom line with controls and energy management services
  • Being compliant with current legislation and initiatives
  • Engaging stakeholders and staff 

We help retail organisations to understand how, when, where and why they are using energy. Providing accurate energy data and the right tools to translate it easily into energy intelligence can bring tangible savings in terms of both cost and consumption. This enables our retail customers to identify real opportunities to avoid energy waste and to make informed decisions about control systems, Sub Metering as well as  other energy saving projects.   

We provide an extensive range of solutions designed to manage energy efficiently. This range from metering and data solutions for all utility types through analysis and reporting software and control technologies to dashboards for data presentation and user engagement. It allows your customer facing staff to focus on sales with no need to worry about lights being left on or the temperature being set too high.

Our solutions help retail organisations achieve:

  • Total understanding of actual energy usage to inform energy related decisions 
  • Detailed analysis of consumption patterns and their implications to identify actual savings opportunities
  • Meaningful and engaging presentation of energy related information to encourage and support behaviour change
  • Tangible savings that can help to reduce pressures on budgets  
  • Metering
  • Zonal Sub Metering
  • Multi-utility data collection
  • Energy analysis and reporting software Energy DataVision (EDV)
  • Building Energy Management Solutions (BEMS)
  • Lighting, heating and cooling control technologies
  • Real Time dashboards
  • CRC and Green House Gas Consultancy

control 10 can save retailers 30% on their energy bills

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