Monitoring your energy

IMServ's fully accredited monitoring solutions give you access to data intelligence on ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ you are using your energy – the first step towards understanding your energy profile.   

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Masters of Monitoring

Masters of Monitoring

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  • Complex government legislation
  • Rising Prices
  • Corporate Responsibilities
  • Lack of knowledge of energy usage and wastage


For any business to effectively save energy, control carbon and reduce costs, an organisation must first understand and have full transparency of its energy usage in order to identify areas of energy improvement.

IMServ, as a fully accredited meter operator and data collector provides comprehensive energy consumption data to customers and the energy supply industry.

  • Supplier Settlement Services       
  • Supplier Non-Settlement Services
  • Meter Operator
  • Data Collector
  • Data Processing and Data Aggregation (DP/DA)


  • Detect avoidable energy waste that might otherwise remain hidden
  • Quantify savings achieved by energy projects and campaigns
  • Identify fruitful lines of investigation for energy surveys
  • Provide feedback for staff awareness, improve budget setting and undertake benchmarking
  • Calculate energy and carbon targets rationally to reflect achievable performance – often, targets are set without consideration of practical application or achievability